Exhibition and conference

October 23, 2018
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blender interface

Between 18-21 october, I was participating in a conference about Education and Heritage, Tourism and Communities that was held in Viseu, at the Grão Vasco Museum. I was invited to talk in a roundtable about technologies, opportunities and ideas in the heritage field.

During the same event, we (me and my good friends of Ponto Z company) also organized two training workshops and an exhibition about 3D printing and heritage. Lot of work, before and during, but also lots of fun :)

3D printing exhibition

Below it’s the first printing test of the roman lamp model created by photogrammetry.

Roman lamp first test

The “original” (it was replica;) roman lamp, several 3D prints of the roman lamp model, screen with sketchfab model

Roman lamp set

Some rock modeling to print pre-historic art

Rock modeling

First printing test of the concept

first print of the rock model

3D printing test of a typical Iron Age house from the castro culture

3d print of house

3D print of the Repilau Dolmen for the exhibition

3D print of the Repilau Dolmen

A set of 3D prints for the exhibition

A set of 3D prints

The thatched roof, supported by a pole, for the Iron Age house from the castro culture

thatched roof

3D print of the roman ara discovered in Viseu (if you’re interested, check this newspaper piece

Roman ara

Me proud

Me and roman ara print

Ara coming out during the exhibition. We printed several copies of the ara, in several sizes, during the exhibition so the pubcli could see a 3D printer working

printing the ara

View of the exhibition with 3D printers in the middle

exhibition view

Training workshop

Me presenting during the training workshop

Training workshop


Me presenting during the roundtable (while fighting a flu, I was feeling really sick…): 1, 2, 3.